School and Hostel Fees

School and Hostel fees

Registration and application fees (non refundable):

  • Registration after acceptance of child: R700,00 per child
  • Hostel registration after space is confirmed: R500,00 per child

Download the School Fees Policy below

School Fees:

School Account 

Eagle Nest Christian School 

FNB-Savannah Polokwane 

Acc no: 62056121628 

Branch no: 260 148 

Reference: Child Name  

Hostel Fees:

Hostel Account 

Eagles Nest Hostel 

FNB- Savannah Polokwane 

Acc no: 62056129292 

Branch no: 200919 

Reference: Child Name  

Outreach Account:


Eagle Nest FNB-Savannah Polokwane 

Acc no: 62056196093 

Branch no: 260 148 

Reference: Child Name